Top 10 Newly Revived Classics with Electric Powertrains: Zero Emissions and 100% Style

Humans are notorious for not being able to let go, so even when carmakers jump head first into the manufacturing of electric cars, we continue clinging to the models of the past. This fascination with classic designs is expected to flourish into a multibillion-dollar industry where old internal combustion cars would be retrofitted into EVs. Today we will show you the latest sprouts of this emerging class of electric cars, that combine the iconic gas guzzling looks with innovative powertrains and tech of tomorrow.

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00:00 Introduction

00:44 Lunaz Aston Martin DB6

The 1965 DB6 was the evolution of the legendary grand tourer driven by James Bond and arguably one of the most iconic shapes ever conceived in metal. The British EV builder Lunaz Design sees that this classic would be accepted on the emission free public roads of the future.

01:42 Ford F-100 Eluminator

This 1978 F 100 recreation demonstrates Ford’s capability to provide owners of their past models with a functional electric conversion solution. Fitted with a drivetrain from the Mustang Mach-E GT Performance, the Ford F-100 Eluminator gets a 68 or an 88 kWh battery and 2 electric motors.

02:48 Superformance MKIII E
Under this name hides a full replica of the third generation 427 Shelby Cobra, this time, however, without the usual V8 engine. Instead, Superformance works with the Florida-based GoTech Performance to turn the roadster into a bullet fast EV.

03:53 Bronco Electric

Starting from 2022, any classic can be electric thanks to the skateboard platform designed by the LA Zero Labs. They demonstrate the capabilities of their EV chassis by reviving the 1960s and 70s legend, the original Ford Bronco.

05:13 Porsche 356 Electrogenic

The British electric-vehicle conversion specialist Electrogenic delivered the first fully electric example of the Porsche 356.

06:20 Ava Defenders

Hidden in the wilds of the Wicklow mountains of Ireland, the Ava Studio follows the path of transforming the world’s most desirable classic cars to electric. At the core of their portfolio are original Land Rover Defenders in 90 and 110 bodies.

07:30 Electrogenic Karmann Ghia

Made for one of the company’s founders, Steve Drummond, the Electrogenic Karmann Ghia builds on the 1970 VW Karmann Ghia. First, the model was restored to the perfect condition by another UK-based shop, Type 2 Detectives.

08:28 E-Legend EL1

E-Legend EL1 is not a simple retrofit or a restomod, but an all-new supercar that borrows inspiration from the rally-bred Audi Sport Quattro from the 1980s era. The EV is the creation of a former VW designed Marcus Holzinger, and it is built in cooperation with German technological specialist Roding Automobile.

09:35 Lingenfelter eLcamino EV

One of classiest and most popular models of the past gets a new life with the help of the US tuner Lingenfelter and Chevrolet Performance. eLcamino EV relies on a new electric powertrain, that looks nearly identical to the setup showcased by GM at the 2020 SEMA show.

10:30 Hyundai Grandeur Electric

Introduced to the market in 1986, Hyundai Grandeur was a flagship executive sedan that was offered to buyers with 4-cyllinder and V6 power. To mark its 35th anniversary, Hyundai is reimagining the car as an EV with original chassis, minimal bodywork changes, and a modernized interior.


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  1. I love the classic with a modern twist especially on american muscle cars. Big fan of what equus are doing and taking all the best parts of classics and putting modern tech and interiors in them. Just a shame most brands such as Peugeot who did the e legend will never actually put those cars into production.

  2. the Superformance SHELBY Cobra Mk IIIE 32.0 kWh i-SMARTPower 2-Dr Roadster (LHD) seriously needs a 56.0 kWh – 58.0 kWh Li-ion battery pack that should give it a 350 kms + range . . .

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