Today I am going to talk about Bitcoin and all the things that are happening right now that might pump Bitcoin up. Today’s …


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  2. George, Nvidia has earnings later this month for Q1, I believe Nvidia will report great earnings due to them releasing their new low tier 30 series gpu. Sold out with in the first day and now also has issues staying on the shelves.

  3. george i keep hearing like your slurring… if its just bitrate fux etc fine, but if you are slurring go get checked out for neurological hidden gems

  4. When people lose faith in the currency then it hyperinflates plunging those without crypto and precious metal into extreme poverty overnight

  5. Mate Look how many time btc try hit throw resistence there on 4h chart. Im on more them 90% shore we will be rejested down site, we will even dont touch 42k and who saying about passing it.

  6. 36,000 years = 1 trillion seconds
    30 Trillion dollars = 833 billion years
    Someone please explain to how in the F–k this will ever be payed.
    Now divide that 334 million the US population.
    If you don't have debt that becomes heavier for rest.
    Do you get it now??

  7. was looking at my history of crypto trades and I found just in 2019 through 2020 I had bought 300 and 200 and 500 Éthereum (different trades). I paid under $200/coin. I'm so glad I sold them for minor profits (10% roughly) rather than hold another 1000 ETH down this pull back

  8. My subscriber base has exploded in recent days, owing to the fact that individuals find my tactics and techniques to be both distinctive and successful. I effectively flipped the market in my favor, and anyone who is willing to learn how can achieve the same thing using my precise method.

  9. Thanks George.
    US extremists were intent on attacking Ottawa today, the trucker anti vaccine protest and Q Anon and Trump were part of them.
    I responded in kind.
    Thanks for the light humour and motivation and my hodlings are up.

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