The Bitcoin DUMP Crypto Has Been Waiting For! (Bullish News)

The Bitcoin DUMP Crypto Has Been Waiting For! (Bullish News)

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  2. Great video as always!

    The 12th-14th seem like major levels across the board. If we break through and close above those levels, how long are you thinking that we trade above them before moving to new highs?

    A lot of assumptions are being made I know.

  3. Sorry to break it to you, but crypto was a bubble, and the top was in months ago. I sold out of mine around 65k. It’s a trading vehicle now back to 0.00 where Bitcoin is going to end up. Look to experienced traders and you will start to see what’s really just happened.

  4. Going to continue to dca Sol at these levels. Alts will follow BTC. When it reaches ATH again will have another alt season to follow and reap the profits! Anyone out there on the fence about TIA premium it is by far the best value for your buck out there! Thanks to the Pizzino brothers! 💪🏼

  5. OMG SOL at $20 -60 again 😱. Now don’t I wish I taken profit Oct / Nov to increase my bag 😂. Still learning this emotional game. Thanks Jason. Hopefully I’ll recall your solid advice next time round ❤️🙏

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