FPV vs. NORMAL DRONES | Which One Is More Cinematic?

FPV vs. NORMAL DRONES | Which One Is More Cinematic?

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  1. Apparently there is the option to extend the battery time of FPV drones and install a GPS module with a Return-to-home function. I guess it's all dependent on your specific setup.
    Thanks for letting me know guys! 😁🙌🏽

  2. also if u crash a mavic they are all most certain to break because they are almost entirely made of plastic like the shell of my mavic is cracked because it was in my camera bag and the bag was dropped off a table (about 4 feet) that's pretty sad while i have dropped my fpv drone out of the sky anywhere from 3 -30 feet and it didn't even break

  3. but, in FPV drones you can also use GPS and the return home, and also with crosfire protocol you can go to more than 4 km without losin the signal, and FPV drones are cheaper

  4. Slow cinematic shots are ment for normal drones, but when it comes to fast precise shots like following a fast car, fpv drones are the deal, or even freestyle flying wich is super fun on its own, for me, i think of fpv flying as a very fun hobby that i can make money on like streaming pc games, its a game in real life.

  5. You can add GPS, Retur home, stabilization on to a FPV drone No problem!
    Also you can add a Gimbal
    On a Self Build you can add all a DJI has and much more! but you need to do it your self.

  6. You kinda suck this is why you crushed so many drones lol (just kidding)…Anyways comparing FPV to classic is just not OK because there are 2 different worlds…different needs and different expectations…great video thow!

  7. you need 360 fast turns (like those done by racing dronges) to make FPV drone really stand out, many similar cool moves can be done with a regular mavic pro drone

  8. Hey, the first thing i think about when watching this video is FPV drones can take the same sort of shots compared to the normal drones right? And also with the new DJI FPV drone you can basically do almost everything that all drones can. Is there an other side of this or are the FPV drones the best? : )

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