Bitcoin: "Smart Money" Is SELLING Their Crypto

Bitcoin: "Smart Money" Is SELLING Their Crypto

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About the Author: Michael Pizzino


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  2. Bonkers, You didn't take into account any external factors. In my opinion when there are global variables in play they outweigh ANY short-term TA.

  3. Excellent update, Michael, and thanks for changing the settings! The brighter bars are better, and the prices seem clearer too.

  4. I think we have started to shape a W pattern on the weekly timeframe. That would mean that if we will hit the ATH, we will still have space to grow to 100-110k for btc this year

  5. The crypto market is highly profitable with an expert broker just like Mrs Morgan. I got recommended to her and since then my financial life has been a success

  6. Time to sack the brother and keep you on my list only🤣🤣🤣… Nah he can stay .. It's great to see you both working together. Two really good channels with a not in your face approach.

  7. Great content mate. Now that I'm on the CryptoTrain and done some basic learning, this is exactly the type of vid I'm looking for. Thanks!👌

  8. I commented the other day about the darkness of your charts. Looking a lot better.

    Another comment mentioned the thickness of the bars, you'll not change that unless you change to the weekly/monthly!

    Thanks for all the info, Mike.

  9. Strongly DISAGREE with your bearish thesis. Inverse head and shoulders on the 4 hr. I think 2marrow is the day. Probably afternoon ish. Just a guess from what I see.

  10. Chart settings are a little better, but the numbers are hard to see. Easy remedy: clearly name all the prices and price ranges you’re talking about.

    Awesome analysis. Thanks for your work!

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