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  1. SOOOOOOOOOOOO OVERPRICED! It has only 1GB ram, 16GB storage, no GPS. no external cards… it costs cents to make and still it's so overpriced.

  2. I would still recommend the ipad mini 2 since it's beats both the Nexus 9 and the Sony z3 compact tablet. In the resolotion quality. However the z3 tablet as better camera. But the display quality IS better on the ipad.

  3. Okay so I'm a college student and I need something for class and I was hoping this was it, would you recommend this for note taking and also for a keyboard case would you recommend the Clamcase pro?

  4. I got iPad mini 2 I love it don't regret getting it I can do what ever I want on it movies we'd browsing all that yea u can do it on other tablets but with the screen and how fast it is u can't go wrong

  5. I love IPads, I got my first one when I was 9 (I got the 1st gen baseline model, I am 13 now) sadly thats only lasted me 1 year until they stranded it on iOS 5 🙁 but I'm getting my iPad mini 2 for Christmas I personaly went with 32GB because I don't like deleting things off my iPad just for 1 of meny updates but I love iOS devices. I also own a Samsung galaxy s3 neo (the June 2014 edition) but I will always go with apple things. 👍😊

  6. Talking about amazon hdx and ads what about itunes? Itunes is just bloated restriction without which ipad could be a great device. For now its ok it does the job but it is not stand alone device.

  7. I have the 128GB black wifi only iPad Mini with Retina Display. It has a great battery I have to charge it every 3 or 4 days. It's awesome.

  8. Just get the nexus 7 2013 if you want a fast, reliable, portable, beautiful and fun tablet. Or should I say the best android tablet or tablet overall.
    Please don't get scared of those bullshit sayings that android tablets doesn't have apps…because they're catching up, aggressively and one day they will pass Apple, otherwise I don't find any needs of more apps.
    Just get it and save money+get a great device.

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