iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus comparison: How will Apple's new iPhones compare?

The iPhone X and iPhone 8 will likely launch on Tuesday, and we based on what we know, we can give you a good idea of how …


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  1. I want them to make an iPhone x Plus I the feeling of big phones but I don’t want the plus because it has a smaller screen than the x see this is why I need a doctor I’m stressed out

  2. I pay 47k pesos for my iphone7plus but the iphone 8plus will only cost about 43k and my iphone has only 32gb What the actual fuck! Didnt i just got scam?

  3. ireless charger: ———– 3years old
    Fast charger:—————– 5 years old
    OLED screen:—————– Dinosaurs era
    Celular watches:———– 4 years old
    Water resistant:———— Harlem-Shake era
    Face ID/ Face Unlock:—- Not so New
    Bezel-Less Screen:——– *Not Applicable
    Headphone Jack:——— Buy Our AirPod you cheapo

    iPhone X, the future is here……JK, give me your $$$$.
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  4. Will they come out with more colors for the iPhone X? I plan on getting it but I'm literally waiting until they add more colors cause right now there is silver and space gray.

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