Virtual Reality Close Quarters Battle in Onward VR

Virtual Reality Close Quarters Battle in Onward VR

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  1. ❤️ Hermosa eleccion 4.FO/Elizeid de mejor

    1 (elecciones ) 9.9/10 2 ( culturales ) 9.7/10

    Son unos de los mejores conciertos

    , no-puede-ir-pero-de-tan-solo verlos

    desde pantalla,, se que estuvo

    Sorprendente .

  2. If recording with Oculus mirror, there's an option to hide the guidelines and most UI. So your recordings don't show when you're close to the edge of the play space.

  3. Thank you! Been waiting for more VR content from you, man! Can't wait for tech to advance, imagine a game like this, in VR, with realistic lighting.

  4. I'm waiting for the day we use brainwaves to control shit up.

    Imagine wars are fought in VRs to settle conflicts… That would be cool, but ain't gonna happen because greedy pigs are up there. Greedy pigs tend to lie for their own benefit.

  5. @Controlled Pairs Gaming
    I would love to see you again playing some Rainbow six siege. The last time was 6 years ago and l think it would be time for an update. Thx😊

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