World War Z Review

World War Z Review

World War Z reviewed on PC by Michael Koczwara. The Elder Scrolls: Blades Early Access Review: …


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  1. Can someone explain to me if this game is similar to Tom Clancy's: The Division, like do they have endgame mode with instanced dungeons and raids etc. Or does world war z mainly focus on story?

  2. It's literally like a 3rd person Left 4 Dead. Fun game but it wants $20 for the DLC which is an extra stage.

  3. This game is tacky and cheap. Shooting zombies gives off no satisfying feeling at all as they just drop to the ground with no realism. After playing Days Gone this game comes off as a B grade PC indie that some nerd produced during his toilet break.

  4. I just bought a physical disc of this game. But why it doesn't have tokyo chapter? Do i need to download the tokyo chapter? Please help

  5. A relatively cheap game that offers a ton of fun and innovation on the classic co-op zombie shooter. Easily an 8.5 for me tbh. Can rise up to 9 if they can make the game fps instead of tps

  6. This game is amazing. The voice acting is great so is the gameplay. It does have frame rate issues when huge zombie hordes swarm the area though.

  7. "Nothing remarkable". Why does everything have to be raising the bar all the time. It's easy to ask for better when you're not part of the people who constantly push the industry forward.

  8. I play on Xbox, I love the game a lot. But my huge problem with the game is that the services and community is not that great. You can occasionally get kicked out if the game and have to go through the long loading sequence. Maybe it’s just on Xbox.

  9. I love the left 4 dead games, my favourite character is Zoey and my favourite zombie is the witch and the zombie I was absolutely terrified of is the tank, I remember once when started playing the tank showed up in the first five seconds it was on the street map I opened the door and tank was right behind so I closed door and he smashed right through the damn door

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