MORE New Quest 2 Games Coming SOON!

MORE New Quest 2 Games Coming SOON!

Even more new Quest 2 games are coming soon that were announced at the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase. Check out all the full …


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  1. Looks like it will be another slow year for quest 2. Ghostbuster? get outta here. Remake the whole Resident Evil series for VR, Metal Gear Solid VR missions, GTA, House of the Dead…etc. But Ghostbuster…?

  2. Coop campaign is what makes VR the best.. so much fun playing through games with your friends. Takes you back to the old-school days where your friends would come over and beat a game together.

  3. If there’s something strange, in the neighborhood
    Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!
    There’s something weird, and it don’t look good
    Who ya gonna call? Beetlejuice!
    Because Ghostbusters didn’t do crap…

  4. This isn't 1986, no one gives a damn about Ghost Busters 😅. We wanted GTA, the fact it wasn't even mentioned means it's probably a year to a year and a half out. Why even mention it at connect if it was 2 years away 🤦

  5. It would have been great if after the stream “ended” cj popped up and said “Big smoke, where are we?” And then big smoke said “We in the meta verse fool!” Bam. San Andreas vr

  6. I have a question. I have the Quest 2 64gb version and I loved it but I have been having some problems with it and can no longer use it. Should I buy the 128gb version or would it be best to wait until the new headsets come out?

  7. I think what would draw more people, if you actually read the scripture and not just have it pop up on the screen for five seconds

  8. Ghostbusters for sure, I missed the Void version they had in Santa Monica but heard that one didn't live up to expectations. Real excited for this version!

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