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Top 5 Best Electrical Tools – Essential Tools for Electricians Tools for Electricians ,Electrical Technicians, Industrial Electrical …


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  1. Well… for all this super electricians, You guys are lucky cuz most of your construction it's on plywood, wood, PvC, gypsum board and that's easy job like baby easy job but now us here in the Caribbean we got concrete construction using blocks or solid concrete walls and sometimes depending how old it's the electric it can be a pain in the @$$ having to use bare fingers in the boxes with old cables and using gloves not all the time it's a good option so that stick its really kind of handy

  2. Voltclaw??? "innovative V-groove tip" ?!?! Are you fucking kidding me??? This must be the dumbest, most unneeded gadget I've ever seen. Not only unneeded, but The Voltclaw actually looks like it's more trouble than help. I can assure you my pliers and fingers are way more precise, practical, and fast than a plastic stick with grooves.
    And if I had no choice but to work on a LIVE CIRCUIT, I'd use ANSI certified 1000V insulated pliers and gloves, (which I also already own), NEVER this thing. As usual in cheap infomercials, the people who market this useless gimmick assume that people are stupid.

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  4. I am an electronic tech and I use an old small long needle nose with some heat shrink tubing on then due to my arthritis condition.

  5. If you need a volt claw to handle wires as small as 12 and 14 gauge, you need to work In an office on a computer somewhere.

  6. There is no way an electrician made this video. The claw is junk and the stencil thing is one made for the UK and two stupid. No one would care that thing around.


  8. I bought a few gimmicky tools like this when I was a Apprentice but over the years we all end up going back to the basics strippers lineman's and screwdrivers.

  9. can tell this is america. You never just flick off the breaker and start work. I'm not counting the detector as a tester, because it isnt one. Use a fucking multi meter you mongs

  10. I am a electrician in germany and all of these tools are so useless we have way better tools than that

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