Virtual Reality =/= Gaming

Virtual Reality =/= Gaming

There’s a much greater potential for VR entertainment that isn’t gaming… There’s so much more in our future, and the early stages …


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  1. Gabe Newell said it right when he said XR is an extinction level event for most modern entertainment mediums.

    The crazy part about VR is that the lines between what is a “game” “experience” “movie” etc will be blurred so much in the future. VR entertainment is VR entertainment.

  2. I enjoy VR gaming, but I am less interested in games than I am in development tools and educational possibilities. We need some better CAD style 3d creation tools in VR that we can export to 3D printer and other manufacturing equipment. I also want to have VR apps that interface with the various robots I am developing. There are so many possible non-game applications ideas.

  3. Phia, as a musician you just set my mind on fire with the thought of XRMVs (XR Music Videos)! What an untapped avenue of creativity, and I can't wait to see where this goes!

  4. My family and friends spent most Fridays at the beginning of the pandemic watching 3d videos in bigscreen. They haven't really changed up any of the movies though so haven't done it in a while.

  5. This is fantastic watch for those those both old and new to VR and reflects many of our own thoughts and feelings on the potential for the medium, both present and future. While gaming will always be a strong part of it, only the surface has been scratched on the potential provided by immersive technologies to completely reinvent storytelling, remote learning, social communication and much more for both end users as well as creators. The only limits are our own creativity and general accessibility with the latter being a blessedly unlimited resource and the latter finally coming to pass in recent years and quickly increasing. Exciting times!

    Thank you for putting this video together!

    And thanks for the shoutout! Great having you through Krampusnacht, Welcome to Respite and hopefully Gumball Dreams soon!

  6. Last night I couldn't sleep so I popped a video of Nomadic Ambience in VR and it was so relaxing. It felt like I was walking in the woods and could smell the rain

  7. VR is not just VR, it will become a concept recognized by everyone. Starting from the game side, then expanding to music, movies and other fields, and then developing to all walks of life, perhaps VR will set off a revolution like smartphones, completely changing people's lives, and its upper limit may even exceed smartphones.

  8. I think your confusing the words movie and story, vr has the potential to make games with real story's that your a part of and can change but that's still a videogame

  9. I started with PSVR and really enjoyed Blood and Truth.
    When I read the spiel I was doubtful it could live up to it's claims but it did.
    It got a little too gamy for me at one point but gamer's complain it's not enough of a game.
    I enjoyed the scripted nature of the experience and throughout most of it really felt like I was playing the scenes.
    Then there was the thing about Tesla, "The Invisible Hours", which while far from enthralling was still interesting to explore conceptually.

    I really think many creators are still floundering at the shear potential of what a VR experience could be?

    What sort of world will you create?

  10. And this is why I'm so so worried… The creation of a virtual space, dominated by companies, mean they can control what you see, and therefore do (think Cambridge Analytica)… It's so scary.

    Look up Yanis Varufakis and his Techno Feudalism

    I love VR, and your content, but damn the future of VR scares me.

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