I Got Scammed On A Cheap "Durable" BlackView Smartphone That Doesn't Work – Can I Fix It?

I Got Scammed On A Cheap "Durable" BlackView Smartphone That Doesn't Work - Can I Fix It?

Time for some good scam busting. Turns out the seller isn’t the only one scamming people.


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  1. Shouldn't leave negative feedback on eBay in my opinion if they take positive steps to rectify the issue, which they did by offering you a refund. eBay is not Amazon, on Amazon you're reviewing the product, eBay you are reviewing the seller.

  2. I have owned 2 Blackview devices and while they have their issues, they are not as bad as you make them out to be. Yes, the cameras are not great and the UI is not the best they are decent for the price. Buy a new one and then do a review. You cannot review a product on this basis, regardless of how tough it is, you can break it.

  3. I use Blackview smartphones for 6 years roughly.. first I had BV7000 Pro for 3 years lol even works flawlessly now. next I had BV9600 Pro for another 3 years and it works flawlessly too. Now I have BV8800 which I bought 2 weeks ago.. and I can say they can be used in an "extreme conditions" for at least 3 years..

  4. My father had a blackview smartphone before, it's a real brick. Performance is crap, and the touchscreens tend to be slow and have a bad feel, but that's what you would expect from this type of product. Can't tell about water resistance, though. This one did seem like a previous owner opened it up, and not just to try to fix it once. If they went to the extent of gluing back a pin of the speaker, it's likely they opened it at least once and closed it badly, leading to water getting in more easily.

  5. You should take blackview up on their offer just to see where the failure happened. It's a good opportunity to see a before and after

  6. The fact that one of the speaker pins was glued down with super glue cause it got ripped off of the PCB is a pretty clear indicator that someone was inside the device to fix something (which lead to em snapping said pin off)&probably didn't close it back up properly again…shortly before sinking it in the nearest ocean. I don't know much about Blackview as a company, but in this case I wouldn't even think of blaming them for the water damage.

  7. very interesting video cuz most of us have never heard of blackview. maybe you could have a followup video on a brand new version of the same phone to see if the "rugged" design choices are actually good for the phone's durability or if it was purely user error that caused all this water damage.

  8. Lookimng at the screw heads on that phone it is verfy very clear is has been previously opened up and not by someone who knows what they are doing

  9. I wish this guy didn't talk exactly like those artificial BBC Presenter accents, this channel would be so much more enjoyable if he talked like a real person.

  10. Hey hugh, i like your videos, and i see that activation lock sometimes causes you problems. Do you ever jailbreak the phones? You can get rid of activation lock using jailbreak and a software

  11. blackview makes some interesting phones, but my experience with them was bad. A friend of mine had a BV phone in ~2015, and it did not receive a single update, and the whole modem firmware deleted itself multiple times. After a long Google search I found a way to re-flash this with some Chinese software, but after maybe 1.5 years, the phone died all together. Also, the battery was a nightmare, with maybe 2-3 hours SOT max.

  12. The battery was way too empty for it to turn on. You need roughly 3.4V or more for it to turn on, try manually charging the battery to full with an external power supply and then try to turn the phone on again.

  13. I wish more phones were hold together only by screws, it makes them more easily repairable.
    And I also wish phone manufacturer would stop using stock images to promote their phone's photographic quality, as it is false advertising.

  14. I dont which one that scammed you. The seller or the BlackView themselves. Noticing that the phone is screwed down and have a gasket around which seem to be used/damage, are making we think that it shouldnt be waterproof. Dust, maybe. Water? I dont think so

  15. I picked htc one just same after some struggle it powers red led just like that …i know screen n battery was water damage as indicators were pink ….i buyed for just about 5$ n just to take it apart to see internals

  16. DON'T even bother with blackview smartphones ever again. My dad bought a BV9100 for 400$ a year ago and he dropped it from his pocket and the glass got some cracks, which doesn't really prove it's rugged durability. It also started locking itself and the sim started having issues. He could've gotten a cheapo 150$`~ samsung phone, and put a tougher case, which he did afterwards. He bought a Galaxy a02s for 150$ and a cheap case and a screen protector. He dropped it many times and there was never damage to the screen whatsoever. So just never bother with unknown branded phones. Yes, they might have good features like the very high capacity batteries, but they aren't really trustable.

  17. You didn’t mention it so I’ll go ahead and say it. Battery nominal voltage is 3.85 volts. If as you showed in the video you charged it VIA phone with 0.5 amps for 3 hours you would t be ever able to get it to 3.85. If you use an external power delivery kit or a PSU to “hit” the battery with some 1.5-2 amps and more volts to “wake it up” you might have had te chance of seeing atleast the logo boot up… also buy an ultrasonic cleaner and give 2-3 baths to water damaged phones..

  18. the anticipation of seeing the screen boot up after it was put back together with Hugh saying "we see, we seee" was hilarious to say the least. got me cracking up like crazy.🤣🤣🤣

  19. I fail to see how you were scammed. You bought a phone listed "for parts or not working" "doesn't power on" sounds like it was described perfectly fine. I hope you get your eBay account deactivated returning stuff like that.

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