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  1. I love how great Alyx's modding community is but the Jeff mission made me rage quit for good. I play games the way it is meant to be OR realistically. I do hate EVERY VR game which have to explanation through the suspension of disbelieve why certain actions are not allowed even when VR is supposed to be as real as possible. An example can be Lord of the Rings. You already know what the game wants you to do and what foes will be dangerous / more dangerous. Far Cry on the other hand (both games non VR of course) give you a Level Number above enemies which depending on game will result to YOU not being able to kill the enemy through artificial barriers or even make weak looking enemies suddenly difficult. A game HAS to tell the player, preferably without noticing by the player, what rules and laws the game game abides and how much the gamer has too think and allows the gamer to use the experience in real life to make assumption about how to gather information about the goal, how to enter the mission area and how to complete the encounters. Dishonored 1 and 2 both only serve you the mission details and then blatantly give you an arrow pointing to the goal. Thief gives you nothing. You can buy information e.g. in form of a badly drawn map of a building but the rest is realistic sneaking, intelligence gathering and execution of the missions.

    TLDR Jeff is a cheap map in the main game where he moves when you cross Triggers so that Jeff is just a braindead entity which moves with you. Modding for Alyx and also smaller developers start to show the big dev studios how distanced they've got from the fan base.

    Great video.

  2. Man you were really stressing over her. I love it! Love the commitment to it! Fun to watch when you have actual training as well. Makes it seem a hell of a lot more important hahaha

  3. Seeing the way you handle your shit in a sticky situation is awesome… I mean, there's no doubt in my mind your a true soldier… your gun discipline and control, your interior clearance discipline, engagement discipline, even the way you protect the civ upon extraction… everything was fluid and flawless… that shit was clean…

    However, I do have a question… why do you go back and shoot bodies that were already down… I mean, I've heard the old saying "when in doubt, shoot 'em again", but what is the purpose of it?

    I imagine games like this would be quite helpful for PTSD? Putting yourself in thus game help prevent you from going off on people in real world? Correct me if I'm wrong on that, but it seems logical to me…

    Anyway, I salute you brother, thank you for your fine service, take care, and God bless…

  4. I just love how he popped all the dead people in the head. Like bro they dead chill. Imagine watching some British dude walking around double tapping all your dead friends. This guys the f***ing grim reaper

  5. I live in America where me my friends and family all go out shooting a lot, with AR15s handguns and shotguns. I was absolutely in love watching this. I love how your handgun handling is accurate in that they are much more skill based to use than rifles because you only have two points of contact therefore it is harder to line up rear and front sight to shoot straight. I just loved watching the small things a lot of people don’t notice when it comes to shooting. the beauty in this was your situational awareness and I wish I could play this without getting motion sickness, you were able to make split second decisions that would have got me shot. I would love to see you go to America and do some competition shooting, you would be impressive. You gained a sub from me. This is awesome, you’re so immersed in it, it had my asshole clenching too lol

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