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  1. The XM4s are great but the bass aren't as tight as they could be and bleed into the mid frequencies quite a bit. They do have a more muffled sound signature that is really almost like having a softer/warmer white noise issue as well. I was hoping SONY addressed these things in the new version.

  2. I've owned every Sony NC flagship from mdr-1000s to the m4s. Every Bose QC, 700 etc. Every pair of Sony squeeky, my MDR -1000 even broke. And it was a common fault. They only offered me 20% discount which is a joke because never buy these full price. I managed to nab a M4 from Amazon UK for around £140 a few months ago. I have to say, the m4s are one of the worst ones. It's an absolute buggy mess. Keeps pausing my videos even after disabling the feature. Hope the new design resolves squeek issue

  3. XM5 doesn’t sound as good and balanced as AirPods Max? Lol this clearly shows how little MKBHD knows about sound quality 😂

  4. Nice review ✌️ Although for someone who owns the M3s and have done for a fair few years now, I wouldn't say they are specifically 'travel headphones'. I use them all the time for day to day stuff, especially working in the office or if I'm lucky enough to work from a coffee shop. The M3s do a fantastic job so I imagine the M5s are unbelievable in terms of noise cancelling. I understand that the lack of folding does render them at a disadvantage for people who frequently travel, but for people who don't I don't see it as a massive downside. Anyway, if people are looking to buy they headphones, I'd save some money and get the M3s or 4s. They're both still top notch.

  5. Sony may look at this video and internally say that MKBHD is going to hurt their sales, but from the looks of it they only hurt themselves with those odd design choices.

  6. I'm thinking about getting these for the gym. I need to drown out that terrible playlist the gym has in rotation. Are they sweat resistant? No mention of being water proof, which has me worried.

  7. How come nobody talks about the poor mic quality of the mx4 when in an open-space office? (or any other medium-crowded place) I can make a phone call with them! Is that the same with the mx5?

  8. From a design stand point, I love these so much! They have a very japanese minimal design and better yet, they remind to the great days of Sony design including that case. A shame the full package it's so big but I love the overall design.

  9. I'd argue the lack of folding is a plus. I've had 3 iterations of these headphones and that hinge point was so fragile that my pairs never last more than 2 years. I had them repaired once and fixed it myself with a 3d printer another time. Hopefully these have sturdy build quality with no hinge

  10. I wonder if the headphone adjustment change was do to make it more robust strength or was the Bose eating into the sales?

  11. Owner of the XM4's, and I will still be the owner of XM4's. Sony has given me no reason to upgrade, but can you blame them? How do you make something thats already good better?
    I think they should focus more on improving Transparency Mode rather then design.

  12. Pretty dope review, I'm curious; would you say that the headphones are a little underwhelming for the price point or does that noise cancelation justify it ?

  13. in many cases ppl don't get noise cancelling for travel. when you are leas fortunate you tend to live in noisy places. room mates, small houses, buildings right near large streets, freeway, trains, airports, bars, etc. imo thats a large part of the market. i consider myself pretrt wealthy and yet i also have that issue.

  14. Yup, for road warriors/sky-warriors, the QC35 was the game changer that then led to a special pocket in very many travel bags expressly to fit that case. So, naturally, the QC45 just picks up with the evolutionary change. I'm not sure what Bose was doing with the 700s, and I think most of us ignored them. Airpods Max can kiss my grits for taking up all the extra space in said special pocket and not even having a decent travel case. Sony hit the formula with the XM4s, and I don't think anyone even notices whether they are Sony or Bose within the sky-warrior formula.

  15. I can get over a lack of fold and honestly the point is to wear them, if not, use the included case. No big deal. I just wonder how many people acfualy use the includes case, besides trying to putting them in a bag to obviously protect and preserve the headphones.

  16. Wow
    I'm sorry for how this is gonna sound, but Imma just stay with my Sony Platinum headset until the XM6. Travel is something that is really important for basically everyone and not having the ability to 'shrink down' the size for ease of travel is such a down side. Even the ones I have, which aren't the best sounding or most comfortable, seem like a better option to be bc they can fold. .-.

    Like…I was literally waiting to see how the XM5s were gonna be. 🙁

  17. My Xm3 band broke on the side a little after 2 years for me
    That was unacceptable for a headphone I pad 379eurs for.
    Given there is no official repair program looked into third party spares.
    The spare part off ebay and Ali express were always sold out which made me realize it is a more common problem than I expected.
    So looking forward to this new design as that is what made me swear off this line.

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