Resident Evil Village In VR Is (Mostly) AWESOME!

Resident Evil Village In VR Is (Mostly) AWESOME!

I check out the brand new VR mod for Resident Evil Village! This VR mod from Praydog allows you to experience RE8 in Virtual …


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  1. it looks nice, but I just can't stand playing horror games in VR…. hope there'll be good VR mod for games like uncharted or call of duty style…

  2. 😁Your too funny Mike, 'shank him!! Shank him!! 😁I've almost finished village, really wanna check this out tho but don't think my poor 1080ti will cope, might be time to upgrade

  3. I need to try this again, couldn't get it to work last time I tried. I thought 2-3-7-8 were already fully playable though.

  4. Beware: the last time I tried this mod the performance was very bad. Stuttering everywhere, no matter which settings I changed. You'll need an absolute unit of a PC to play this smoothly in VR.

  5. RE2 works great and I finished RE7 before motion controls were implemented. Played every RE game and have been waiting for the Village mod to get updated. I made it pretty far, but my progress was eventually blocked in VR. These mods work really well with great performance. Ed: 8700k 3070ti

  6. I still really need to play this game! I bought it last year to play on the steam deck but I've been so distracted with other games in my backlog since getting the deck. Definitely looking forward to when I do get into it though cause RE7 was amazing, even with it's janky afterthought of a VR mode that makes you aim with your head.

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