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  2. Yea we could bounce….but knowing Sunday/Monday is tomorrow*….and usually we go down on Sundays….and also we’re overbought on the 4h stoch rsi….. I think we test lower or consolidate at 29k for a while if not test lower.

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  4. Great video man! The last time BTC went below the 200 SMA we wicked to the 300, this might be a thing to explore as it did 'predict' where we bottomed for the covid crash.

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  6. Regarding potentially dropping below the prior ATH of $20K, we also have to note that Crypto has NEVER existing during an overall Economic Recession. So we should probably EXPECT things to potentially be worse than normal. But just like traditional markets, the rebound will still take us back up just as aggressively.

  7. VIP: went to link… says page does not exist.. clicked the link under "show more" for vip… can you plz check … want to join… thanks for the great content…!!

  8. The US FED wants inflation back to 2%. Market will most likely continue down for the current time being.
    The question is, what other crypto's could fail in the next few months?

  9. Love the videos man, been here since 2k followers lol! I think we will only close daily and weekly’s below 20k if the recession panic gets much worse. I live in Florida, economy here is pumping hard, even tho rents insane now! Everyone is moving here, so it’s not all terrible, however I could see a little run next month, there are planned stock buybacks at the end of this month! If crypto is still attached to the hip I’d the stock market we could rally maybe to like 39k but prob wouldn’t go any higher for a while, thoughts?

  10. For anyone who is down 90% or more in crypto, would this be the time to take the loss if things are about to get worse?

  11. More blood will come for sure but when that we don’t know. Also it will be great if you can mention about short term up movement of BTC as well. 60 days cycle low is IN and we might see up movement in the next 60 days cycle. S&P low is also In.

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