We Were Here Forever Review

We Were Here Forever Review

If you’ve got a like minded friend who loves puzzles and escape rooms as much as you do, We Were Here Forever is a very …


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  1. Is the subsequent series after the first one long enough? Finally got around to play the free one and got to say really enjoyable.

  2. Can’t wait to play this one. Me and my friend have played through the others. It was pleasant surprise that they decided to make another game in the series.

  3. Why do people have to buy at least two copies of a game before even playing such a co-op game? It should have features like local co-op on the same screen or shared gameplay on a client working by direct invitation. Current design choices of co-op interaction of this game looks like a money trap.

  4. This game clearly has an accessibility issue for excluding those with no friends like me… 😒

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