WARNING: Bitcoin Just Hit The 2nd LOWEST IN HISTORY!

WARNING: Bitcoin Just Hit The 2nd LOWEST IN HISTORY!

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  1. yea yea yea. Why nobady of you youtube analysys doesnt say that this is first bitcoin bear market in period when stock market is also in bear market. So this drop could be twice as hard as those before. Anything abowe 20k is crazy. Below 15k is oke, below 10k is life opportunity

  2. Steve, your analysis is great, but the whole time you’ve been talking about this crash, you said don’t sell. So how did it help anyone avoid losses? And if you don’t have cash reserves now (because you didn’t sell) how can you buy now?

  3. Hi Steve, thanks so much for your guidance and wisdom. I have been following you for about 18 months now and am also a student of the Crypto Crew University.

    Although I have been following BTC for years I didn't make my first purchase until April 2021 afte we crashed. I was buying some everyday and I though we did hit a 9 in August of 21 just before we rallied back up to 69k.

  4. Steve. Great job charting. You should check out HEX too. its up over 100% vs Bitcoin. Teach your followers to delay gratification and if they utilize HEX stakes they can buy even more Bitcoin during the dips. Awesome right? I think your really like looking at the charts too. They are so pretty.

  5. After years of watching you, I am still impressed with your integrity. You haven't sold out to the hopium society.
    Look left. Stay level headed. Read the charts ❤🙏🧿

  6. love your content pleasssssssse stop reciting " we told you this in 2018 and received hate" you should be tired of repeating that line. Don't be angry with me plus I'm your lover not hater 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Hi Steve, Thanks so much for sharing your Wisdom and Knowledge with us. I have a question, do you think that the Covid was a freak event that, if it didn't;t happen, that 3rd Fear & Greed low would have been a good buying opportunity, in other words, would the market have just gone up from that point rather than tanking from covid? Much Thanks!

  8. Man you’re bringing incredible info. Wish I had found you sooner. What about the fact that DXY is up and that is playing a huge role in Btc and legacy markets decline so if Dxy keeps going up, cryptos will fall.

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