Evil Dead: The Game Review

Evil Dead: The Game Review

Evil Dead: The Game Reviewed on Xbox Series X by Travis Northup. Also available on Xbox One, PlayStation, and PC.


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  1. No mention of the animation cancelling exploit? It's a big game breaking issue! Otherwise, great review!

  2. Games like these will soon fade like DBD and it's only relevant cause of new content. There's no big changes instead of new maps and killers. So people will get bored of it by playing only this game and they will move on to something else.

  3. Why did they make an evil dead multiplayer game? The entire appeal of an evil dead game is that it's evil dead. Yes it has Bruce Campbell in it but That's the only evil dead related thing in the game.
    A single player survival horror or even action/ adventure game would of been far more appealing.

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