Huawei P20 Pro cameras explained

We explain the cameras on the Huawei P20 Pro, the latest flagship smartphone from Huawei. It features a 40MP rear shooter …


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  1. Still a better phone than the iPhone 11 pro i was considering buying a iPhone cuz everyone makes fun out of android and calls me cheap but after looking on a iPhone 11 in the store I saw that it had a very limited interface with almost no camera options so after 2 years I still use my p20 pro everyday and I believe that it's the best phone made

  2. How do I switch between main camera and selfie camera while recording a video? It's a software problem as I can switch camera views during a video on Snapchat. I'm baffled

  3. Hello! It s possible to shoot only using the leica monochrom into the huawei p20 pro? And the pixel output of the mono photo is equal to? ? How many megapixel are mono files jpg or raw? Thanks

  4. that monochrome camera is the most pointless thing ever, instead they shouldve put a wide angle lense and kept a filter if you wanted black and white

  5. the only problem I had with Huawei is their OS.
    I experience using Huawei Gr3 2017 and Huawei Mate 10, both are excellent for their price point but eversince I traded my mate 10 for Oneplus 5T.. my experience with almost stock android is just so so fluid.

  6. Please explain Iso102400 and 6sec of handheld exposure. My dslr can't go above 25600 iso and even at iso 25600 looks more like a evidence photograph at best. I'm thinking how images going to look at iso 102400 from a sensor which is only about 10% of size of Aps-c dslr.

  7. I am really interested in its performance in extremely low light condition. The AI assisted long exposure can produce a brighter and more detailed picture at night.

  8. I'm just wondering about the extended ISO and shutter speed since during launch there's a picture with more than 30s exposure.

  9. I am still a little bit confused with this 40mp camera. When you shoot in auto mod you are using RGB and B&W sensor,and output is 10mp with planty of informations and quality. So my question is when we use full 40 mp does it also combine it with B&W sensor,and when we shoot in manual and RAW what does it use then?

  10. Great video Sir.
    The Huawei p20 pro's camera module is a beast.
    Sir what is the pixel size of the 40 mp RGB sensor and the 24 mp front camera .

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