Bitcoin BULLISH in a “Recession” (SHOCK To Investors!)

Bitcoin BULLISH in a “Recession” (SHOCK To Investors!)

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  1. Stocks simply had a statistically worse day than crypto due to Supply Chain costs (which doesnt factor into crypto) and so its totally absurd to even mention de-coupling based on that one data point. That was actually uncharacteristically shallow/Twitter bumper-sticker slogan-y for this channel.

  2. Thanks Jason, always clear and straight. You're one of the only YouTubers I still follow and listen to after 1 1/2 year

  3. Would it makes more sense in this plan not to buy BTC in straight days IF the current day price is bigger than yesterdays’? Like maybe buy only under 30k now etc

  4. Once the conviction you are talking about ("It has to drop to 20 thousand*") is shaken, then the bears will start converting into bulls, asking themselves "Ok, if that's not the bottom, then maybe we're at the bottom right now?" and that's how FOMO and bull runs start. 🙂

  5. Great content. I like your comment that nobody really knows where the low will come in. Who knows, maybe the lows are already in. The market DOES tend to surprise most investors. Maybe lots of people are waiting to pile in at 22k and 22k will never come…

  6. How lucky new investors are.
    Getting in the market last year was a “fool’s” decision.
    No profit only losses including with BTC.
    Hoping all the woeful predictions prove wrong just like 100k BTC forecasts last year and bullish Alt predictions did.

  7. how do u buy daily? I mean do u put a quote with a rate or you have a buy quote based on time of the day automatically???Can you explain how we do the daily purchases

  8. Your Chinese hash rate info is wrong. It simply means they were registered there. If they moved to Kazakhstan for example, they would still be counted under the Chinese hash rate.

  9. Focus on this 2 brother's and cut the noise off. I am in since 2010 and am working in this space. What i am seeing here, is what the investors need in crypto. Cool , inteligent approach without fomo and esoteric vibes , Thank you Jason !

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