Saints Row: Hands-Off Preview

Saints Row: Hands-Off Preview

Check out our Saints Row preview, featuring some new Saints Row gameplay. Saints Row is shaping up to be a fun throwback to …


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  1. This game is going to be a let down. Based on the fact he said it’s a lot like watchdogs two that player base did not sustain and it’s not going to.

  2. It just looks… so bad. Movement mechanics seem very choppy, driving looks equal to fortnite driving, the city looks empty and boring, and the character faces are so bare. It looks worse that SR3 remastered, honestly. Check the sequence at 02:25. The flames disappearing before the ground, the character sliding on the ground, the metal frame dropping seemingly without any weight to it. Every piece of footage I've seen so far is full of poor details like this. I'll probably try the game out eventually once it's 90% off like agents of mayhem was or when it releases for free on game pass, but after being a die hard fan of the original series, Volition will not receive my money, and I'm sure a lot of people feel the same.

  3. YES YES YES this is very hopeful that they came back to what the made the series awesome. Providing tons of ways to have fun while also providing an entertaining and funny story. Can't wait!!!

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