Samsung Galaxy S3 – Release date, price, & specs rumours update

Samsung Galaxy S3 - Release date, price, & specs rumours update

The Samsung Galaxy S3, next gen flagship smartphone after the Samsung Galaxy S2, is coming soon and going head to head …


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  1. If you look at the title of the video and upload date, you'll see it is a rumours video. We made it months before the S3 was announced, so that's why you don't see the actual device in the video. Check out all the other videos on our channel for the real deal. Thanks for watching!

  2. The reason this video does not include price is because it is a rumours round-up video (noted in the title) and it was made 4 months ago – well before any sign of a price was formalised. The S3 RRP in the UK is £499. Check out our S3 videos since it's been announced and you'll find out all you need to know 🙂

  3. This video was made before we got an announcement from Samsung on May 3rd, hence it's title 'rumours'. We now know the S3 will be available to buy on 30th May in the UK and Europe and will cost £499 sim-free. Thanks for watching 🙂

  4. Take a look at this game on Googleplay "GATE DEFENDERS".Is a new tower defence and trust me is one of THE BEST games i ever played, works perfect on my galaxy s2 , try it is just amazing!;)

  5. mali400mp is old but much more efficient than tegra II . the SIII would come with the upgraded version versions of mali's GPU with the quad core exynos processor which will destroy totally nvidia's tegraIII .

  6. Xxkyferxx you stupid idiot samsung galaxy s its the same year as iphone 4 both came out 2010 and galaxy s suck balls

  7. I still got my Galaxy S and for some reason I don't want to upgrade to the S2. The Galaxy S still beats the iphone 4.. 😉

  8. I'm happy with my Inspire 4G (used to have an s2) as of now. Just waiting for the S3. Or IPhone 5. Or HTC One X. SO MANY CHOICES XS

  9. @iamtrash123
    Lol iphone 4 never had 4g, and there's no 5 g support anywhere, they haven't even properly developed 4g

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