Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini hands on

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini hands on

We take a look at the brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 mini. Subscribe to TechRadar: Read the S5 mini hands …


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  1. Wait this phone was $600 back in 2014? I was not expecting that.
    Btw guys what were the first phones you got? (Mine was a Android but I forgot what company made it but my second phone was a S4)

  2. my new S5 mini was a POS, finger scanner took dozens of try before working, people that i called said all they could hear was echo's and feedback, spot on inside of camera lens, was bad from the start, fortunately the seller has accepted a return and refund, so yep i'm going to buy another one, just love the size of the phone. hope the next one is fault free.

  3. "The Samsung Galaxy S5 mini has a 1280×720 display, which isn't that great since we're used to full HD displays on our smart phones."
    Get out of here. We don't need a 1080p display on a smaller phone, and even so a 720p screen is still sharp. Act like we'll go blind with a 720p display….. Some people.

  4. Smartphones are getting more and more expensive.I mean 600$ starting price.First was Apple,then Samsung and others.I rether buy a iPhone 5s than a mini version of a flagship smartphone because there isn't a big diffrence in the price.At least I get a flagship and premium smartphone.Im not a Apple,Samsung,Google,Microsoft…fanboy.I like every company equaly.

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