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  1. Would it be accurate to say we’re actually looking at time travel? If we can see a planet with our eyes but it would take us hundreds of years to reach, wouldn’t we be seeing their past or future? If the speed of light in which we see it is “now” is that that planets past? Don’t think I’m explaining myself right lol but god I love the universe

  2. As long as you keep referring to those two lights seen on July 14th as one single, tic tac shaped object, I don't think I can take any of your "scientific observations" as legitimate. I don't believe your "hype." I think they are the engines of a military fighter jet leaving your view.

    With all of the absolute statements and platitudes, the result is a big let down, with the exception of capturing the photo of an open window in the heavens.

    In 2 Kings 7:2 "…Behold, if the LORD would make windows in heaven, might this thing be?…"

  3. I don't know. This whole show has the feel of a Cindy Crawford makeup infomercial with that lady and who is she? The beginning of the show she was emphasizing "I" wanted to find a solution so "I" put this together. Not that good

  4. Do not buy this highly disappointing no new information and it's a shame that they had the people connected to the tic tac video in it

  5. I love that people are actually bringing lots of equipment over a significant time to a known hotspot in mulitple locations, this should inspire more people to do similar. I think that the thing at the end though, isn't a wormhole, I think it's space-time warping, basically the end of a superluminal movement, where whatever objects are moving are re-connecting their space within the "bubble" that they travel in, with normal space. It would create a disturbance where it occurred, like what we saw.

  6. 1st step in the right direction. They learned a lot with goofs and successes and their next outing I'm sure will be much more successful. Great job!

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