Judgment Drone Racing [Championship Grand Prix] – 10 Wins, No DLC Drone

Judgment Drone Racing [Championship Grand Prix] - 10 Wins, No DLC Drone

This final Championship Grand Prix in Judge Eyes (Judgement) is going to without a doubt, 100% drive a lot of people completely …


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  1. After 3 days I've completed all the drone achievements and I still think the ones related with mahjong are way worse (I'm looking at you "Richii Ippatsu")

  2. Wow! That's a very good handling! I got stuck on Race no 3 (Grand Canyon, I think), always crash on the doorway. Reloading is such time killer. Drone and VR is the only shops I have not cleared.

  3. How do you make sharp turns? I tried tapping brake while holding down forward but often time I just come to a stop, and the changing view button is so unresponsive.

  4. Great video! Very enjoyable to see how it's done! Is there any chance after completing the championship that we can go back and replay other races like the Beginners one? I only ask because I came 2nd in maybe 2 races but didn't realise I needed 1st for all races for the trophy 😅 so far thats the only league I've missed out on the 1st place.

  5. I hate races with a passion. Any sandbox challenge that doesnt involve anything from your character. For example, your character can be level 1 or level 50 – and it doesnt affect that challenge.

  6. i have a question i just beat the championship grand prix ang ot 1st place on all the tracks
    now i have to do the time trails can i do it on test flight?

  7. I gave up on completion of the Drone Races. The champion Grand Prix is just too unreasonably difficult. I even had all the best parts for the drone and still ended up in 4th place at best.

  8. I mean the Drone Championship League was hard, but with saving and reloading after each race it took a few hours to get 1st place in each race.
    That being said, if we're talking about the hardest challenge, I don't even want to attempt Puyo Puyo. Beating 25-30 opponents consecutively to unlock and beat all of them? Screw that! At least whenever you start a new minigame, you win some at the beginning just for trying. But with Puyo Puyo you get destroyed by the first opponent.
    I played Tetris when I was a kid, 20 years ago, we didn't have the technology to make better games back then. I don't want to play Tetris in 2020

  9. Great vid Jimmy! What build are you using as mine has next to no speed unless using the turbo? Does playing in FPS make handling a little easier?

  10. How did you can be faster then the First Drone? With this Setup. I already have the best Setup and He is faster than me. And I use the Speed fields and Turbo. There is Something wrong

  11. Hey everybody, some of the courses have shortcuts that you can take. I Just discovered one for race five. Right after you leave Millennium Tower their is a shortcut that goes through Little Asia. I found out about after seeing one of the other drones use it, and it helped me get the win. This is the only one I found so far so you going to have to learn about the others on your own.

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