Today Bitcoin continues upwards with a slow and steady climb. Let me show you more metrics that indicate that Bitcoin is a buy …


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  2. Gm everyone, I always love watching cryptosrus daily videos. Keeping myself close and updated with crypto world. Thanks 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  3. Cant help but to love your positivity George… But I gotta say that you are the only person saying we are in a bear 'trend' and arent in crypto winter. Every 'strong' base we make and break you ignore. I think that most of us dont have the disposable income that you do and we dont have the same opportunities available to us. I actually hope you are gonna continue being wrong so I can buy things at lower prices, love ya man but I hope you realize what your refusal to admit things are more likely to go lower than up will cost the regular person watching your streams. Whale games might of been a thing in the past, and the words of one person or company might of affected the price, but come on if there is soooo much buying and the inflation rate and decreased interest Dont affect the price then WTF is going on? How much longer can the we are so early excuse still be used?

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  5. its interesting alot of crypto channels on yt are like, heres a buy signal and news article and were going up baby!

  6. George always showing us the "amazing" metrics that haven't happened in years but nothing's changing 😂 😂 😂 😂 still hodling and DCAing regardless lol

  7. Exchanges make money on buying and selling. A lot of shorting going on and a lot of artificial bearish sentiments being pushed on social media. Sell and miss out.

  8. George keeps saying central standard time when he is living in central daylight time right now. Geez. Can’t somebody enlighten him?

  9. As always, great stuff. Thumbs up! A question about a comment you made around the 14 min mark: If as you speculate they might integrate crypto into iPhones, would that likely be just a software update, so no need to wait to buy a new, latest iPhone, or might that require a hardware update, thus possibly better to wait a bit longer before buying a new one? Thanks if you or anyone reading this knows.

  10. Not sure why anything is flashing buy when Yellen said inflation is out of control and she messed up the calculations….meaning the rate hikes should go up.

  11. The problem with George is he been wrong majority on major issues.

    Like Lunar and last week he said it was back to BTC going up. However it is still a pump and dump market.

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