Upcoming NEW Quest 2 Games!

Upcoming NEW Quest 2 Games!

Today on BMFVR let’s talk about some new upcoming Quest 2 games! Check out BMFVR Gaming for more Quest 2 gaming …


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  1. Dude please spare us the religious stuff in a gaming YouTube video. It has absolutely no place in it at all. If you are a believer, whatever, no need to force it upon your viewers.

  2. Nerf Ultimate Championship for VR games coming this Aug, huh? I'm down for that. I'll be getting the game when it comes out. Totally hyped! 😎

  3. Games announced garbage. Game development too long and not enough games. At least not to it’s potential. Gambit, Moss 2 only one I like so far

  4. Some of there comments make me laugh. The lack of AAA games on the quest to me is its strength!
    Seriously I have had more fun playing walkabout mini golf, beat saber the last clockwinder than the dull, CGI, remake after remake after remaster shitshows on the the next gen consoles.

    I love the quest games they are more fun, have tons more replayabily. The quests lack of power is its strength.

  5. Is it possible to get a proper game on the quest 2 or is it not possible? Most of the games you play you probably lose interest after while.

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