Today let’s talk about Bitcoin, the Fed rate hike, and several prominent people in crypto under serious fire. They include Michael …


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  2. You are overlooking the fact George that the inflation rate, the real inflation rate, is more like 15 or even 16%….so much they do not take into account..

  3. Inflation is going up so fast, that employers can't keep up with wages. Shouldn't be long before they introduce wage and price controls.

  4. I was liquidated. Before the news came out that they were freezing all withdrawals, I had made plans to pay back the loan. I was tired of adding more ETH as collateral. But as soon as it was announced that they had stopped withdrawals, I stopped the wire.

  5. EZB is under pressue because of the incompetence of the US – FED -!!! … its so sad that Europe is suffering because US politicer and the FED are incompetent like hell these days !!!

  6. My guess is bitboy is salty because celsius won't give him preferential treatment to all other holders. Loans on celsius are in USDC and you have to repay in that currency. He may have the cash in other cryptos but swaps have been disabled so he can't convert his holdings to USDC to pay off the loan so he's in the same boat as everybody else

  7. The Fed will raise rates 50 basis points only – why, because, the European debt market is in danger of imploding and a currency crises in Japan is looming
    July rates wont be increased – with BS about being data dependent and an unstable Global economic environment .
    Buy BTC and ETH now while its massively oversold

  8. Bill Gates is Evil, you only have to look into his vaccine projects in India to see that.
    Also, any Billionaire that has increased his wealth during this market is NOT a philanthropist.

  9. George is wrong about Saylor. Liquidation is at almost 3k. Please find out what you're talking about George. Stop shilling scam tokens.

  10. I like that George came out and said, it's the whales who are buying. Desperate to keep the price above $21k. It's no coincidence the price continues to hover just above that mark. But it's a desperation move that will eventually fail.

  11. If yall scared, then sell me your Crypto. And i will happily hold it for the next 2-3 years. Then sell it to someone else for a more expensive price.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. What an amazing moment in crypto. This is like the great reset. Buying opportunity in a few months. Things will continue to wallow and dive over the next 90 days at least. ETH to 100, BTC to 7K. Let's go!!!!

  13. You win by opening up the pipe line for gasoline, stop small business strangulation, enough with the "pandemic" crap and letting the market take care of itself. FREEDOM.

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