7 REAL Future Smartphones.

7 REAL Future Smartphones.

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  1. I think the whole apple having foldables behind closed doors makes sense, however apple hasn't done anything new with their phone since the iPhone X was introduced… so expect the iPhone page and iPhone book when everyone already has some form of fold…

  2. These seem all so extra and useless. I think that the smarphone era is almost at its peak and it's the time for wearables such as smartwatch, phones, glasses, rings, etc.

  3. a transparent phone would not succeed unless some sort of filter could be applied to make it opaque. i would not like everyone to see when i watch p*rn on my phone or when i get an angry message or something like that.

    also when i watch any kind of content like video i would hate it to be mixed with whatever is behind the phone.

  4. Transparent phones are the dumbest idea ever. I mean sure it's cool in concept but let me ask yall this do you like people starting at your phone? I don't. Everyone I know doesn't. Now I want you to imagine people starting at what you do on your phone not because they want to but because the fucking thing is see-through and they can't not look at it. So yeah it's a dumb idea ai can't wait companies to try and fail at

  5. Transparent phone: I would not buy ,but would be happy at least to see working model – I don't mean whole lineup,I mean just one physical phone.

  6. Looking at the oppo prototype, it looks like a whole half of the phone doesn't actually need hinges for all the features that were presented, so that's where the battery and motherboard would go. That would also put all the weight to the bottom, improving balance and making a flex mode like feature possible

  7. If Vivo is reading this. Instead of a drone, make it into a selfie stick. Just extends the camera to a foot and a half (or more) to get good shots of the "crowd"

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