Today let’s talk about how oversold Bitcoin is and why some are still trying to bring it down. Also update on crypto projects …


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  2. When FED pivot enter in the market, as long FED increasing interest rates we will dump more, dont fight the FED guys

  3. So we have a Dollar pegged stable coin, A Euro pegged stable coin and now a British pegged stable coin. Hmm… strap on folks!!!

  4. George is the ultimate FUD spreader. He increases my fears with his one sided narratives, even in the face of obviousness. He increases my uncertainty because i just can't follow his naivety, he actually believes FED speak!!! And definitely increases my doubts cos this ain't getting any better in reality, but he trusts these crooked reckless characters implicitly.

  5. I keep thinking that crypto will fail in the end. Greed is just making it impossible to see a future for this beautiful idea.

  6. If your naturally an impulsive person Crypo is not for you … I've learnt an expensive lesson in the first year of buying dips to early … Third year in I'm more patient… If you wait long enough there is always an opportunity to buy that little bit cheaper .. Set yourself a price that your happy with and never watch or worry you could have had it cheaper …

  7. Wow up China own the most BTC… Not exactly the thing to do when something supposedly failing ….. What a joke … Bought more after that release …

  8. I find it hard to put into words my gratitude to you with the way you conduct yourself and the effort that you put into this channel. You show the importance with how critical it is and have the right mind frame – Nothing but mad respect!

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