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  1. Thanks a lot for your coverage of the game! We really appreciate your take on Green Hell VR and also your feedback 🙂 We will continue working on the game day by day to polish out all the remaining rough edges, so stay tuned!

  2. Important to mention that it's not the same company that made the Non-VR title of Green hell, haven't played the VR version, but I really enjoyed the original,

    if they build it right I am sure this can be a up there in the VR game list.

    You mainly get leeches from stepping in water sources and walking through bushes/plants, but the parasites under your skin is because you passed out on the ground or got too dirty.

  3. Wow – this is more like virtual survival training than a game. Awesome! I don't have VR, but I may try the regular version.

  4. dont know if you know this, but to take out the worms (funny moving things on your arms) you need fishbone from what i remember, and then you gotta have a bandage to cover it after

  5. Games like this, you can't use the bed until you finish the entire structure.
    So you needed more leaves or thatch or whatever for the "Roof" before you could sleep perhaps?

  6. to sleep you have to use your watch. also all mushrooms are good for you in the game except the one that looks like a weird bird

  7. This actually came out for vr a while ago it was quest only, I've had it for a while, it just came out for steamvr recently though, and I gotta say, I have fun with it, it's too bad that when I got it my interest for vr took a nosedive so I haven't felt like playing it much. Idk if it's the same as it is on quest, but if you look at your watch you can find out other stats and when you stand over your bed you can sleep using your watch too. You've probably figured this out by now tho.

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