Jaw-Dropping Footage Of UFO Caught On Drone Camera

Jaw-Dropping Footage Of UFO Caught On Drone Camera

Jaw-Dropping Footage Of UFO Caught On Drone Camera Subscribe To Informoverload: http://bit.ly/2xB5CqA Drone operators …


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  1. I had the wierdiest object, light gray, whiz inches from my head going so fast like a jet. This object was only about 1ft long though.

  2. ok this channel has no clue! 3.5 miles in 1 second is 12600 mph look it up your self 1 mile is 5280 feet x 3.5 miles is 18480 feet in 1 second (FPS is 18480)….x3.5=12600 mph………………….he said 500mph LMFAO

  3. If you can see this object 3,5 miles (5,6km) away with a 35mm lens, it must be fairly big when passing close by – but it looks like the size of a drone?

    Maybe this is a shrinking UAP?

    Or maybe this is their second drone meeting up from a much closer distant?

    How far would you do to get some attention…

  4. You didn't even show the whole video. WTF? Anyways someone else did the math on it and concluded that it moving 9000 mph.

  5. Sonic boom? Not if there was no air pressure. Bob Lazar talks about them creating an energy field around them. So that the craft is always perpetually falling into a vortex it controls directionally in whatever direction it wants to move in. Another thing this field does is keeps the occupants in the craft in a state of zero inertia. So they don’t splat against the back of the craft when they move at those speeds

  6. It's not secret tech. It's A UFO. Only a UFO or UAP as currently defined by AATIP can move like that. Just as an example, the object caught on radar on the USS Princeton, had the object move from 28,000 ft to sea level in 0.78 seconds. Just in terms of figures, that we'll over 5,000 G's. It means it got up to 35,000 miles per hour, which is Mach 60, from what is nearly a standing start. No sonic boom. No sound and probably that means it's too fast for the human eye to even pickup. Point is these things could be zipping overhead 100 times a day and we would never know about it.

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