Bitcoin vs FED: Crypto SECRET Bull Market Won’t Last

Bitcoin vs FED: Crypto SECRET Bull Market Won’t Last

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  1. Buongiorno! Bitcoin trading updates from Italy 🇮🇹

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  2. Not the correct interpretation. The Fed rate hikes are a given BUT the meeting notes suggest a lower chance of the next hike being .75 as expected. The market has already priced in all the projected rate hikes hence this short term bounce. I'm bullish this month before we go lower in Q3 to 12k or below.

  3. We would like to see both, crypto (if you have a chance) and your visit in Italy with your family. You're famous with your followers. Of course, we would like to learn about our hero. ✌️

  4. First time watcher here and I'm impressed. I am waiting for that lower low to $17,000 before buying in. At that level I don't care if it dips lower as I am in it for the long term. Cheers mate from a fellow Aussie.

  5. Bulking season for Jason then. Pastaaaaa🤌🏻🍝 did my solo campervan 6months journey in 2020 allround Italy coast line LOVE IT!

  6. What a bear. It's election year. Politicians dont dare to shake the economic market. BTC is pumping since the 17k dip.

  7. I'm 54 and I and my wife earn $170,000 bi-weekly returns from our digital assets portfolio but we are VERY worried about our future because of the gas and food prices rising daily. We have had our savings up high with the cost of living into the stratosphere, we are finding it impossible to retire. We can get by, but cant seem to get ahead. My condolences to anyone retiring in this crisis, 30years nonstop just for a crooked system to take all you worked for…

  8. I think the little mini relief rally in the US stock market is helping BTC hold $20k. Once the downtrend in the stock market continues, get ready for more pain. Just my dumb opinion…

  9. The markets are been propped up by the FED printing money with NO limit. Every time the Market blips down the FED dumps cash into the dip. Tbh I'm in need of a good investment plan currently, I have a lump sum of $300k+ in a savings account yielding next to nothing……….

  10. Do you speak Italian Jason? Here in Canada, the Italian immigrant children for the most part, do not know Italian (whereas a lot of other ethnicities Immigrant kids speak their parent's native tongue).. always found that interesting!
    Also, you must enjoy Joe Avati's comedy! 😂👌

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