Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Review

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Review

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 reviewed by Travis Northup on Nintendo Switch. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 can take some meandering …


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  1. What a truly terrible review. Can IGN not get someone competent to review JRPG's these days? Also, what is up with the weird criticism? Did you really deduct points because of the Switch holding this game back in certain areas? Shouldn't it be a marvel that this game runs as well as it does on Switch given how visually stunning it looks and how well it performs overall? IGN, GameSpot and Game informer continue to be the laughing stock of the gaming media with their poorly written reviews and odd criticisms.

  2. Anyone else noticing the irony of complaining about the not so great graphics but at the same time their video quality is kinda poop 😀

  3. No importa el juego ya está ordenado. Qué pedo no mencionan el soundtrack. Ya estuvo que lo volvieron a robar en esta categoría en los game awards.

  4. There wasn’t a single mention of the soundtrack in this review. The music is always a highlight, the Xenoblade Chronicles series has some of the best VGM out there.

  5. In the long term reviews don’t matter to the actual game. IGN for example giving xc3 a 8 does not matter in the bit. 100% ever xenoblade fan will love this game no matter the score. This is literally the most anticipated game for me! My suggestion is watching a different review and seeing what their opinion is on the game.

  6. This game looks great I've watch many videos of it an it don't look blurry at all graphics look great it's a jrpg on switch look at how many characters on screen no ps5 rpg games have so many not even ffxvi

  7. Basically further confirming why Switch needs a PRO version. Either the game textures look like crap or it runs like crap, no in-between lol Instead they wasted time with an OLED Switch….Imagine this running at 60fps!

  8. Can't believe chronicles 2 looks better than this cashgrab … nothing original even X did something alot better and that awful framerate . Monolith soft should be ashame of themselves .

  9. Did you really deduct points on the game for switch hardware limitations? What are the devs meant to do, release it on ps5? Extra points should be given for how well they got it to run on such old hardware

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