Google Pixel 6a Review | A budget blower with a big drawback

Google Pixel 6a Review | A budget blower with a big drawback

Our Google Pixel 6a review is here and the phone has some key features that might appeal to Pixel fans. A smaller form and faster …


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  1. No the pixel 6 is not the same price or cheaper. It’s £599 in the uk the lowest it dropped to was £449 for like a day or 2 . It might not drop again.

  2. Strange results on battery life but ok.
    Btw pls compare it to others phones with quite similar size: S22, Iphone 13, etc.
    P6a seems last longer than S22 and Iphone 13 on medium usage, so hard to recommend them either

  3. How are you going to say that the phone has a bad battery life then not even say how long it lasts? That's the LEAST you could considering you think the battery life is a "problem". And you didn't even mention any tests on how you found out the phone had bad battery life. Medium use could be different in your eyes compared to others, so why not tell people what you consider to be a "Medium use", because others could consider that I high usahe time.

  4. Bigger issues are the heating and throttling performance issue many are seeing with the Tensor gen 1 SoC if they push it hard and the poor modem that causes network connection issues. I'll wait to see what P7 looks like.

  5. Discussion ! … I don't like your negative review or your conclusions, but I will "Like" your video for putting your opinions out there.

  6. I’m well confused with this device. I keep hearing other reviewers say the battery is decent something about taking time for it to adapt over a week or two??

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