Bullet Train Review

Bullet Train Review

Bullet Train hits theaters on Aug. 5, 2022. Review by Matt Donato. Bullet Train could be called Murder on the Smokin’ Aces …


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  1. IGN Score: 7

    Comedic Action, you can turn your brain off too.
    Brad Pitts jokes balances the Yakuza/semi-gore beats in the film
    All killers have an personality that makes them range from decent to memorable
    The final act is where all the action, and explosions really come out.

    Pre-Review Thoughts: Looks dope and fresh, can't wait to watch
    Post-Review Thoughts: Still looks like my kind of movie, can't wait to watch

  2. This movie looks corny as hell and so far not impressed with the action from the trailers given David Leitch track record. But glad it’s getting some decent reviews, might have to give it a watch

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