2022 M2 MacBook Air Review

2022 M2 MacBook Air Review

The MacBook Air is back with a new design for 2022, and it sports Apple’s new M2 processor, which Apple rightly claims is 18% …


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  1. RAM and SDD space is so unbelievably cheap these days there is NO REASON Apple cant put 512GB and 16GB RAM as standard and pushing for 1TB and 2TB with 16GB and 24GB/36GB as an upgrade for the $200/$400 price increase. Apple can make a larger profit and sell a lot more computers for a larger market share if they pack the memory and RAM and essentially make a Mac future proof for a decade.

  2. Their whole tv advertisement of a feather is ridiculous because it's 1.24Kg so it's not on that level of "air" or "feathery light".

    For Air model it's simply TOO HEAVY. Equally, it's just not the upgrade that the M3 will most likely be and again the M1 is still going strong. Finally the PRICE is too high.

    Otherwise the redesign is very good and Apple still have a stranglehold on battery and power efficiency and performance is impressive and integration of hardware, software and apps is critically effective.

  3. Boy, it’s just really hard to justify an Air with realistic specs (16/512) when the jump to the base model M1 Pro 14” is only like $270 more…

  4. I've never met a reviewer with so many complimentary fans. The top comments are always about her and not about the content. It's the strangest thing.

  5. You are so wonderful at your reviews. There is so much competition, but you add so much more fun and flavor to your films. I am so happy you reviewed this new MacBook! Cheers Lisa!

  6. Great no-nonsense, no-hype, no-flash review.  

    My only quibble is that the value proposition on this machine is weak. $1199 is quite a bit for a MBA, and if you require any upgrades (512 GB etc.) you quickly find yourself at a price that matches the 14" MBP. Which looks like way better value (in various ways even nicer/more capable).  


  7. If you are a heavy browser user, if you do your work in a browser – 8GB of RAM is not enough! 16GB of RAM(and 512GB SSD) is the way to go and after you are done with the laptop(3-5 years) – you re going to be able to sell it muuuch easier.

  8. Yes, my iPad Pro, with Magic Keyboard folio, is heavy. That is why I miss my 12" Macbook so much. I loved that laptop! I am attracted to the M2 MacBook Air for a little relief from the weight of the iPad with Magic Keyboard folio.

  9. Do you think the Starlight color be as good as silver in not showing wear and tear? I love the Midnight color, but people are warning any wear around the ports, or surface scratches, will show silver showing through.

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