How terrible is a $58 smartphone?

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  1. i have Wiko Sunny with 1GB ram with idk what processor in it .. pretty low end like…LOW END phone..then months later i bought a new phone Samsung Galaxy A71 with 8GB RAM Snapdragon 730 with 128gb storage..i still keep that Wiko..cuz of that phone that saves my life to call an ambulance cuz me and my mum got into car accident…her phone just got rekt..and my siblings phone just flew away and rekt phone Wiko flew too got her battery out…but still work and i can call an emergency

    thanks Wiko❤️🙂

  2. I've played through GTA SA on this phone no joke. It served me for 2 years then I broke it. Then I had a Huawei p9 L… and this was in 2018. I've never wanted an Expensive Phone. This was the main reason I bought it.

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