Top 10 Best Stock Android Smartphones (Summer 2022)

Top 10 Best Stock Android Smartphones (Summer 2022)

Reviewing the best stock Android smartphones in summer 2022, including Google’s Pixel 6a, 6 and Pro (still boasting some of my …


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  1. I just want the largest screen possible, 6-8gm ram. Minimum 128gb storage. Huge plus if SD Card slot, a headphone jack and the most important latest Android then several years of security updates. For £200 max. I don't care for gaming on it. Bonus if it can. I don't want high refresh rate screens. Why is it so hard haha. I guess new phones will be arriving this year / next. Maybe then I will find something? Hmm

  2. Picked up an Edge 20 Pro for just over £300. I was contemplating a small tablet but actually got this instead and 'Ready For' was the feature that made it possible as a 2nd device. No tablet comes close to the specs for the price.
    Pixel 5 for day-to-day phone, general out and about and then use the Moto as a standalone, hooked up to my TV or Monitor, connect keyboard/mouse (actually use a USB C dock), a bit of Fortnite with Xbox One controller and it's still small enough to keep in my arse pocket for watching movies when traveling, Peloton classes on my bike. Cracking device… and a condom case to boot!
    Thanks for all the reviews though Chris, I've gone through quite a few over the years.
    Informative, cover the main points, without stating the obvious, and is nicely wrapped up in British humour…. god bless you sir

  3. After using the early Xperia with all the crap chucked at it, I switched to Pixel and I don't think I'll change brands again. Just love how simple and uncluttered they are.

  4. How come we never see Mrs Spurt on your photos? We see Little Miss Spurtette and Pussy Spurt, but unless you are married to that Girl's World doll, Aunty Spurt is nowhere to be seen. Is she too ashamed to be associated with you in public?

  5. I'm still searching for a good replacement for my Pixel 5. To me a 6" screen is perfect for one handed use, and call screening is also a must. The 6a was tempting but the lack of wireless charging and 60hz killed it as an option. But this is a great list, I've watched your videos on a few of the phones in this list this week already.

  6. Pixel 6 pro is a very very disappointing device. It's the first android that I regret buying. That zenfone9 with ip68 and headphone jack is looking pretty amazing.

  7. The Zenfone is the best one among those.. can't wait to see it released in my country.. I will definitely buy it
    We don't get perfect phones everyday!

  8. I wish all android phone manufacturers would just have stock android. I recently bought the s22+ but I returned it and went back to pixel phones. I hate the bloatware on the Samsung. They should just have them in the app store as an optional app.

  9. I currently use zenfone 7 pro, and the quality of ASUS is very good, especially the photo effect. If I want to change my phone, I can also give priority to this brand.

  10. errrrrrrrr…….exynos chipset in the 6a? chris you dullard. leave the scotch alone for a bit and get a grip…oooo errrr missus#
    just watched the edge 20 bit. really fancy this blower but i spoke to moto directly and they confirmed my fears….only 2 years of security updates. the phone's nearly a year old so why get it when it's on safe for another year, deeerrrrr. surely moto could give 3 or 4 years of security updates as these are way more important than android os updates….IMO of course! love you

  11. Love your reviews , been watching for the last couple of months as i was looking for a new phone!. Decided to get the Oppo A74 5g according to my bugget. Gradually getting use to it after my out dated Sony L2. Question for you, do the more expensive top of range phones get better reception in weaker areas or are they all the same. Keep up the great reviews.

  12. As a non native speaker I enjoy English with Lucy, but she surely won't teach me what a "ring burner" means. Love ya Techspurt.

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