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  1. This phone is an absolute load of shite! It is so slow it might as well as be stopped! Do not buy this phone. You will be pulling your hair out.
    This review is crap too. There is no fingerprint sensor. It's a pretend sensor. It's just a damned switch. I bought it so I could tether my Sony Xperia to it. That's about all it's useful for. An expensive dongle! It should be taken off the market now!

  2. Camera sometimes below good, but usable
    Processor is substandarad,but again very much usable
    Everything else is average and fine.
    Overall,not a bad phone to use as a dailydriver afrer all( i am a proud owner)

  3. Is this a upgrade from the Moto G Pure? It's a decent phone I just want something that's just a little better. The triple camera mostly.

  4. What is this obsession with calling every phone a FLAGSHIP? Synonyms of flagship – bellwether, crown jewel, forerunner and many more. Or just call it a P H O N E

  5. is that's why they are saleing it for $59 through Google Fi I glad you told me not want it ….. I have the A12. A52- 5g. LG 7+ 64 gb . and the Motorola G Power . 5000🔋 battery life

  6. Well the only problem ii have with this phone is the colour palet. It looks really washed out and since you cant change anything around it looks worse than my 6 year old S6. Well for the budged i dont really mind i guess but still.

  7. What a POS i can't believe boost offferd this to me as a free phone bc they are swiching to that 5g BS i would like something that is at least decent and has a compass with nav on like the one i currntly have which besides that isn't a bad phone i would rather keep the one i have then upgrade to that pos. SMH

  8. The Samsung Galaxy A03s was the phone I picked out because I just need a phone, I can't afford apples crazy $1,000 price tag on a lot of their phones I just needed a budget phone $170 is inexpensive for me and I'm happy. I did notice the charging rate right out of the box, I've only have had this phone for 5 days now it hasn't disappointed me yet.

  9. Essentially, a slight upgrade of the A02s. BEWARE! Some places have contradicting specs. I've seen so many sites claiming it has an Accelerometer, compass, gyroscope, and some other things. The one I purchased (in USA) has none of those mentioned sensors. No smart view either so you will need to use something like Google Home or another app for mirroring. Seems a little faster than my A02s, but in other spots there's some lag. One of the games I play works fine on the A02s as long as I don't play for a certain length of time. On the A03s, it loads much faster, but then it glitches or lags in the UI menu changes causing errors. It's a pretty inexpensive device at 60 USD vs 50 USD for the A02s (Boost mobile prices them a bit lower).

  10. As long as the phone is faster than the A02s it will make setting the phone up less painful for my job. These phones are so god awful. A13 finally showed some promise, but the set up takes forever.

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