The Biggest Game Releases of August 2022

The Biggest Game Releases of August 2022

August is here, and while it’s still a little too early to declare that the gaming drought is behind us, the month does bring a slew of …


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  1. Look I love Spider-Man. But how is this game still getting released? And making it into the top games coming out ?!? It’s becoming a joke

  2. Where is God is War Ragnarok ? 🤔 Waiting for that Release Date.🙏
    Hope it's not like Kingdom Hearts. Waiting 17 yrs for a sequal😂…

  3. Although Soul Hackers 2 looks really good with a stacked voice cast and interesting story this will likely be the most underrated game I'll be playing and don't cha dare sleep on that game

  4. maybe its called marvel spiderman because marvel actually got the movie and game right back from Sony just a thought from someone who didnt even do that much research and could come up with that conclusion.🙂

  5. "That's coming out on everything but the Switch" is such a meme at this point. The word "Switch" is starting to sound like an imperative, and more and more people are going to 'switch' to other platforms until Nintendo finally releases hardware that is viable for modern AAA games. This is coming from a huge fan of everything 'Tendo.

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