Abandoned Supercars in Dubai!

I heard about a scrap yard in Dubai where abandoned or crashed supercars are to be found – take a look at this!

Special thanks to:
Rohan – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDL-WqudSsI9VTZNNF6YNKg
Copart Middle East – https://www.copartmea.com

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  1. At 11:00 behind the blue Ferrari you found the money in! You walked by a white C3 corvette about an 81/82! by far the oldest car on the lot! What's the odds of finding one in a junk yard in Dubai?

  2. A car is just a car. As long as I can reach my destination. It’s just that people are into glorifying capsules on wheels too much. Set your priorities straight and you’ll live a happy life. The thing about being rich, you’ll never be satisfied with what you’ve got because companies are always churning out the latest and this plays on people’s egos a lot.

  3. Believe it or not this is pure debt they buy these supercars with loans and the strict laws other there is if they dont pay there loans they have to leave there cars and also flee from dubai

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