Top 5 Best Smart Ring Very Useful Tiny Wearable Futuristic Gadgets

Top 5 Best Smart Ring which are Very Useful Tiny Wearable Futuristic Gadgets NFC Ring – , Smart Ring …


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  1. सर ये रिगं फोन से कितनी दुर तक कनेक्ट रहती है प्लीज बताना जरूर

  2. We are now 4 years down the line and none of these are widely available. Kerv has become Kring and is only available to the UK. Mota's kickstarter ended years ago and no one has anything apparently from it. NFC ring is out of almost every size unless you want to pay 80-100 bucks plus shipping for the OPN or OMNI. Bioring turned out to be a scam as did the Nimb ring.

  3. That panic ring was awful, big enough to hit your attacker , which is the only good thing. And your asking for trouble putting a button that big on a ring. I can’t tell you how many times I’d have the police or family at my door .

  4. The safe way for smart ring to identify itself is LED enscrypted light and non of traditional wireless nor wifi for safety and can customized

  5. OMG I have so many jokes or things to say about number two! Lol Ok first issue the voice of Siri!? Lol 2. Why does she sounds like robot!? 3 Alexis has a face!? Lol shes a robot right!? Come on?! Or wen she was attacked was she stab in the throat? An they Added Siri's voice?

  6. RFID or NFC

    Hello. My goal is to make convenient RFID or NFC for person to login to win 10 pc. Chip needs to be programmable with password. Is such thing already available?

    Perhaps cell phone can be used to program tags or cell phone will be a tag itself.

  7. Seems like a cool gadget that would make life easier but in reality it could do the opposite in this evil world we live in. These Tech companies know how to gain your attention and anything with a chip you are wearing is not a good idea. Your privacy has been recorded and these power companies have all the money to buy whatever they want. They seek Power Control. Elites that seek the power seats to control others. It can start with something like this chipped ring and you fell into their trap selling yourself and your loved ones out to your enemies. If you are Technology Addicted then it is best to stay away from sites like this and stores that sell them. Furthermore, don't buy it for your kids or they could one day come up missing.

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