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  1. The Galaxy Tabs is super underrated, especially the budget Tab S6 lite. Comes with the pen, lasts long, and display is good enough. While the Air does have the better apps and tighter integration, the value per dollar is insane for the Tab S6 lite.

  2. If a school workload requires you to have a computer as high-end as those you listed here, they better give you one because no way does majority of people have the money needed for something like that. As for a phone, I would've personally said a mid-ranged Android like something from the Samsung A series, Google Pixel 6a, and even the Nothing Phone(1) if you're lucky enough to not get the widespread issues. If you really feel like you can't go without an iPhone, an older model like a refurbished iPhone 11 or 12 does the trick perfectly fine, they last for years on end anyway. Headphones, sure, I have friends who get themselves that exact pair of Sony headphones, but they are not necessary unless you can afford them comfortably. Get a cheaper pair with ANC if you need it, if not, Audio Technica has the m50x in a bluetooth version, and the wired version is even cheaper if you're fine with a cable. If anything, I would've recommended earbuds instead because they're more convenient and maybe even a little bit cheaper. As for earbuds, I don't know enough to have an opinion on that in all honesty, I know nothing about the beats besides that beats have sucked the past few years.

  3. I disagree, I think that it is intended for the right audience. I ve been to college and the majority of people can afford the luxury of spending a little extra money on their school supplies.

  4. Here my list:
    Lapto: Hp envy 360x 15.6 inch (with Touchscreen)
    Tablet: Galaxy S7 (amazing tablet with S pen)
    Phone: S22 (Compact and good battery life)
    Headphones: Galaxy Earbuds 2 (with noice cancelling and activ noice and waterproof i think)
    Watch: Galaxy watch 4

    ATTENTION!! always look for Student discount or discounts in general. Buy different stores or shop rather than buying directly from official Websites. I didn't pay full price to any of these devices. I bought laptop for 1100 euros(50 euro discount), now available for around 800 bucks. I paid 150 euros for Galaxy Watch 4 AND Galaxy Earbuds 2. I traded my completely broken Note20 ultra and paid 220 bucks and got S22. For the tab i paid 420 euros with Samsung Keyboard (original price 700 euros). Mind you these all are new, not a single thing is second hand.

  5. All you really need is a laptop and a phone. Sure it is nice to have a faster processor and a high end gpu, but realistically, you don’t need something like that to do well in college.

  6. Wow, and to think I graduated STEM with school computers, a gaming desktop, and some $1 notebooks and pencils. I would have been suma cum laude or valedictorian if I had a smartwatch, 2 laptops 1 for coffee shop programming and 1 for gaming, 3 ipads because why not, wireless noise-cancelling and ASMR headphones, wireless gaming earbuds with built-in digital synapse technology, wireless noise-cancelling professional enterprise grade mouse, and most of all, an Alexa wireless charging solar generator desk lamp.

  7. The products might be great but i think the vid missed the the point completely. As a college student u eother dont have the money to buy this expensive products or u should simply not spend that much money. I think it would have been better to recommend Electronics hat are actually in the space of possibility and are a great choice for the price. As a student myself i dont know a single person (except people with rich familys) that actually went ahead and bought themself a full equip of gadgets and electronics for 3-4k. Its just not feasible especially in a world where ur "theoretical" education ways more then the things u are actually educatet in. Most people wont even have the money to go to college without getting a loan i dont think its then a good thing to recommend electronics that no one can really afford atleast when they are not backed by there parents wich is often the case

  8. And in India for maximum 90% of the students all of these are way out of their league. And govt provide just 120$ phone for high school 🤔

  9. You should consider your international audience also. As the student like me living in the another corner of the world can not afford these items. And they are literally 40-50% more expensive outside US. This was the most inaccurate video made by you.

  10. If you'd rather go, you know… more reasonable on the budget, following his guidelines… Best Windows device may be the Lenovo Yoga 7i ,12th Gen U-series i7/16/512 for $849 on sale. Best MacOS would be Macbook Air 2020 M1 (8/256) for $849 on sale. Best budget, if your schoolwork is light enough to be in the cloud/browser, would be the HP Chromebook 14c on sale for $399 (11th Gen i3, 8GB, 128 NVMe and mostly aluminum, backlit keyboard and 1080p IPS 2in1). These prices are sales prices and stock varies, so all that may change.

  11. I am really disappointed by this video, do you think school people need a flagship phone, high cost headphone and the best tab……laptop was also a bit expensive and you said that it is weird that you are using a mobile for more than a year..what? Here we all use a mobile till its security update support is officially ended…
    Pls think about everyone, you are not even talking about middle class people, you are straight up talking about rich people, many people will buy the things you said as they trust you but believe me they are just going to waste their money they don't require these powerful equipments for school please don't make such back to school(rich life) type of fake video again….really disappointed 🥲🥲

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