Learn Lucid Dreaming on Another Planet – Virtual Reality VR 360

Learn Lucid Dreaming on Another Planet - Virtual Reality VR 360

Learn how to lucid dream on another planet in this 360 Virtual Reality experience (VR). In today’s lesson we explore the speed of …


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  1. This video is such a great reminder to take your time and be patient with learning lucid dreaming. I absolutely love this! Every time when I feel like I'm not making any progress, I'll watch this. Thank you!
    Since I actually haven't had any lucid dreams in a while, this is just what I needed. Also the sky is done so nicely, I love it!

  2. Thanks for the video! Looks like you found a nice spot there, in the back country of England! Hope you stopped for a nice meditation session!

  3. I love the VR format videos. They remind me of the Construct, the training space, from the Matrix.
    Thank you for making them!

    Also, a question. I need a suggestion from whomever has one. I am experimenting with the idea of reframing my Lucid Dreaming practice from discipline to a kind of game.
    I like to pretend that I am one of the millions of dreamers to have been called to a challenge/game by the lord of the Oneiroi, Morpheus (greek daemon/god of dreams). He challenges us mortals to awaken in our dreams all while our personal oneiros(which Morpheus creates for every dreaming being) is trying to deceive us that we already are awake.

    It becomes a game of wits between our critical observation skills and our oneiros' deceptive abilities. As we become more familiar with our oneiros, they use new tactics to deceive us again. The game is dynamic and ongoing.

    What I am not sure though is what the motivations of Morpheus may be to challenge us to play his game. For now I tell myself "it's mysterious" or maybe "he wants us to discover his motivations by ourselves"
    What do you think are Morpheus' reasons to challenge us? I request for a suggestion of yours. Any ideas?

    (I like calling the game "Morpheus' Game" or more simply "Das Τraumspiel")

  4. Hey Daniel, so to keep things short, I want to play God in my Lucid Dreams. Is that possible, can I creat small little pocket galaxies or planets and put little human like beings there and just observe them even though they are not really conscious. I'm really fascinated by the Idea of God and im just wondering If it is possible.

  5. Awesome work with this video. I don't have a VR headset and only discovered the cursor keys in the video after I watched it completly. And then I discovered something else, but I have the feeling it's best to not spoil the other viewers 🙂Also this video has a lot of Yoga vibes, because they are the ancient scientists of the mind.

  6. As a person who tends to move somewhat fast to and through something, it's hard to actually slow down without something feeling wrong or "different" about me. It's hard to explain but it does feels like a hard disconnect rather than a soft slowing, no matter what I do. I worry that if I don't "relax" quick enough time is wasted, although I tend to do not a lot during the day currently. It's hard to explain but it feels like I'm always racing towards something and can't relax (physically and mentally) until I'm fully done, which results in an energy collapse most of the time.

    I also haven't been in nature in a while because people would think that there's something up with me. Granted, there is a lot of nature around my area due to just how it is, but I could see myself having racing thoughts about other things while just walking around or on a beach. I know I'm less reliant on my phone than other people my age but I could still see me worrying about how much time I'm wasting and if I'm leaving something important behind.

    When you said that nothing dealing with the mind is instant, I could still feel myself getting upset. I want things to be instant as I don't want to deal with processes or judgments if someone catches me dealing with things that I've tried my hardest to bury. It would be far nicer to just be able to fully reinvent rather than research, imagine, design, research again, and get into the fog for who knows long for a not-so-final outcome. I know nothing is instant but I also know my brain (heart? emotions?) lag behind on actually knowing that. Maybe if I can just find someway to slow down it'll help in getting everything to a balance.

    Great video as always! The VR element was interesting and quite immersive! I'll have to do another journey through the backlog to watch some VR videos which I haven't seen!

  7. This is an absolutely beautiful video. Thank you so much. Everything about this is wonderful. The message, the scenery, the view when you look up. I’m a little lost for words.

  8. Blimey that's clever – I'd love a go on a VR headset one day but I'll settle for lucid dreams for now – I have a question if you don't mind – last week you talked about methods and novelty..does this stand once lucid? For example, if I use 'freeze frame' (which I have and it was just a tad mind blowing!) will it always work or do I have to get creative every time I want to 'take control/stabilise' ?

  9. Ah, the first time in a while I'm actually able to sit down and watch as soon as it comes out, but first, I have to take care of feeding the algorithm! It does actually need a name besides "the algorithm" though. Makes it sound like a cosmic horror.

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