Top 12 Oculus Quest 2 VR Games I Can't Stop Playing – 2022 Edition!

Top 12 Oculus Quest 2 VR Games I Can't Stop Playing - 2022 Edition!

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  1. Everyone has so different preferences 😁. For example in my personal list I would put Contractors to the bottom, same as other games would be different.

  2. SuperHot is still my favorate along with project wingman. Jut ordered a Quest 2 to replace my Rift S so looking for some new possibilities

  3. Dash Dash is great, too bad online is mostly dead by now – that's obviously the most fun part of a game like this. I played it in its heyday and lobbies were pretty full, tons of fun…

    VR open venues to games that were really not possible before with just gamepad or keyboard – like golf or table tennis… swinging a putter or racket is perfectly natural.

  4. Thanks for the video, I will have to try out Contractors. Lately my favorites have been Saints and Sinners, Resident evil 4, and Population One. I absolutely loved playing the Into the Radius beta and cant wait for it to be available in the quest store next month. Let’s hope it’s the beginning of the month not the end.

  5. I want to like the Quest more but unfortunately I suffer with motion sickness in most of the games that require thumbstick movement, or just movement in general. I can just about manage Onwards because of it being slower paced but Contractors was a big no no. Luckily there are games I can enjoy such of Walkabout Golf and Eleven Table tennis. Just a shame I can't enjoy it to its full potential like most people. Makes me jealous and slightly mad 🤣

  6. Arizona Sunshine was the second Quest game we bought (after Beat Saber) – still loving it! One that didn’t make your list that I highly recommend is In Death Unchained – definitely the best archery sim out there, as well as being extremely immersive.

  7. Just got my oculus a few days ago and love the Star Wars TFGE, and resident evil. But Wands Alliances is an absolute sleeper. Once more people get on and they add more maps it’s top 3 for me.

  8. I'll say Onward althought more tactical than Contractors is the better game mechanical wise. But you need to play with a people who know how to play objective well to enjoy it. While Contractor is easier to enjoy because not everyone is a tactical head.

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