M2 MacBook Air 2022 hands-on review

M2 MacBook Air 2022 hands-on review

The current MacBook Air (M1, 2020) is our pick for the best laptop you can buy right now, and from our brief time with the 2022 …


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  1. Does everyone really agree that the new M2 Air is such a big step forward in design? To me it almost looks like any higher end run off the mill Winbook now with the lid shut. And one of the biggest draws to Airs for ne was always the low lip in the front for typing comfort. Sad to see the wedge design, as a differentiating factor in the lineup and market, abandoned.

  2. Funny how most folks with the m1 air are trying to pawn it off like they secretly don't love the new Air! It's freaking gorgeous and the bump in performance & other upgrades are totally worth the money. Bet Apple will sell a billion of these, more than half of which will surely be in the stunning new midnight!

  3. The MacBook Air m1 is a little sharper than the MacBook Air m2 (MBA M1 – 227 PPI, MBA M2 – 224 PPI), so you do lose a little bit of sharpness on the M2. 2:09

  4. I like the M2 MacBook Air in the new Midnight colour it’s looks really good 😊, but last year I got the M1 MacBook Air in Space Grey💻, I’m really with my M1 MacBook Air 💻 I won’t upgrading to the M2 MacBook Air 💻

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