Rocket League World Championship | Group Stage | Day 2

Rocket League World Championship | Group Stage | Day 2

Watch Day 2 of the Rocket League World Championship Group Stage now! It’s now or never as Group B gets ready to hit the pitch …


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  1. Send this G2 sweep to NRG and tell them to take notes. This is a real championship team. NRG’s performance getting swept by V1 was pathetic. Not even worthy of a spot on Potato League.

  2. Sypical with the boost trick to secure game 4 and to get back game 5 off The Club… I'm not convinced. Kinda sus, he will turn into a meme.

  3. What a disgrace, if it was really a tech issue, wouldn't sypical be pissed at the moment it happen ? Look at his face 1:24:41 he stay unfaze during the play and then act like he knows he fucked up real bad. Anyway rip the club, look like NA can win even when they loose

  4. The caster for furia done very good especially considering that it isnt his first language I'm assuming I'm sure he was nervous but if you read this keep up the good work good work man!


    Their first series of this tournament went exactly the way they needed it to go to make a statement. A commanding 4-0 sweep, and they looked to only be getting better as the series went on.

    Jknaps is the greatest shooter in RL history. (Totally not biased opinion btw) The shot at 2:59:02 just radiated pure rock'n roll sex and summer love.

    This is a championship winning team. They have everything they need, they just need to clutch up and not choke.

  6. KCorp looked a bit tensed and shaky, making unusual mistakes. Hope the pressure isn't m going too heavy on them. Great games from Furia, but feel that Aztral & co played a bit under their potential during this serie.

  7. When admin didnt make the right call in SSG vs Envy back then, Admins got flamed for it and received so much hatred and Everyone was backing "SSG SYPICAL"
    Now Admin took 20 mins to look into the files and DEVELOPER confirned that this was game bug and not Syp's fault, But they are still receiving hatred for making the right call and No one wants to support FAZE SYPICAL..
    Video is out where it shows boost input didnt work for Sypical And Player on RLCS LEVEL CANNOT MESS UP HIS SPEEDFLIP

  8. I'm no expert, but I think I figured out some tricks for winning against falcons.

    Dig looked somewhat successful when utilizing bumps and demos, as well as counterattacking and slowing the pace of play with 50s and control.

    If Dig didn't give away possession, try to out speed falcons, or mechanically outplay them, they could've gotten the dub.

    Not to say that both teams did not play at an unreal level.

  9. DIG are a world class team, but I feel that Scrub isn't playing that well, and DIG's mentality in general is bad. They look down whenever things don't go to plan, Falcons on the other hand just move on and keep playing hard. Mindset is DIG's biggest issue.

  10. Man that OT with Faze and the club was ridiculous it completely through them off. Not what I expect to see during RLCS

  11. WTB a channel that only tracks the ball view. Id love to see the spacing and shots from different angles.

    Wait are these replays available for dl?

  12. I don’t understand the takes that say the club deserved to have the kickoff goals against faze. Is the accusation that syp twice in a row forgot to boost and then faked a technical issue? If that’s true show me other clips of sypical forgetting to boost on kickoff. He’s a seasoned pro. That doesn’t happen twice in a row. On top of this the devs said they checked the game logs and that syps input to boost did not go through into the output of the game. Are we to assume that sypical forgot to boost twice in a row and the devs decided to lie for faze? What incentive would they have to do that? If faze is paying them off then how come faze didn’t make top 8 last split? Imagine if a players monitor all of a sudden went black on a kickoff and the other team scored. The fair ruling would to be to reset the kickoff. I don’t see the counter-argument here. If anyone has anything to say by all means reply to this comment.

  13. NRG played better than they have, but they still are having the same issues as before. Not shooting well enough. Squishy under performing a bit today. So sad to see this team lose theirselves

  14. Joreuz is so gone in the next big EU shuffle, he’s gotta be so sick of scrub and jack’s inconsistencies, you can see him giving them the side eye as they bump each other out of saves while he’s making good challenges

  15. I was such a huge fan of Faze when they first formed with FirstKiller, AYYJAYY and Allushin. I just lost respect for the org and the players when they pushed Allu out and brought on Sypical. Can't get over it, and I just can't bring myself to root for them after that.

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